About me

sorrelI am a shemoon [ shamanic ] practitioner.

I am also a weaver. I love weaving into old bicycle wheels and immersing myself in the symbol of the wheel, the cycle, the circle, the turning of the year. I am very happy to undertake individual commissions.

I work one to one with individual women and I also facilitate small circles for women from my home ,near Todmorden on the borders of Yorkshire and Lancashire. The landscape here has narrow valleys, steep hillsides, small streams, woodland and open skies. Nature is my biggest teacher and I love living here.

I trained with Simone Silverpath and Rima Handley at the Coventina School of Shamanic Counselling and Creative Arts Therapy in Northumberland for three years. I have also been a student with Meredith Little from North America, teacher of the Four Shields. I give thanks to all their teachings.

My heartfelt desire is to share and connect with other women to the art and practice of our forgotten ways and to re-member our selves, our natures, in Nature.

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