What is Shemoonism?

visionWhat is Shemoonism / Shamanism?

This is an ancient medicine for the soul. Through the rhythm of the drum or the rattle
we can find a way to open to our intuition and inner wisdom and to see our lives
from a different perspective. This is known as journeying.

Our dreaming and our creativity are expressions of our deep knowing and can reveal
profound insight and guidance.

We live in a world dominated by left brain activities that engage the mind. The
challenge of the journey is to let the mind be still so that we can hear, see or feel
another language, a different vibration.

We know today that we are surrounded by energy fields and with practice we can
learn to journey to something beyond our imaginations. To something that speaks to
the whole of who we are.

Traditionally illness was seen as one of three possibilities, soul loss, power or energy
loss and intrusion [something in the body that shouldn`t be there.] The shemoon
would travel across the dimensions to bring back information, guidance and healing.

This medicine is as potent today as it was thousands of years ago.

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